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If you’ve suffered from an accident that happened because of another person’s negligence in the northern Orange County area, a Placentia personal injury lawyer can represent you. Skilled and experienced attorneys at Corrales Law Group can help you through the legal process of filing a claim, including building a strong case and representing it for you in negotiations and court.

Personal Injury Law in California

California allows victims of personal injuries in Placentia to recover damages for their sustained bodily wounds, mental anguish, hospital bills, lost income, and more. Personal injuries arise from accidents or circumstances that were not within the victim’s control. Instead, damages are from another person’s negligent or careless actions. The amount and degree of damages can range, as well as the accidents that caused them, and the at-fault party is liable to provide compensation.

Personal injury claims are filed in civil court; they may be settled outside of the courtroom during negotiations between your injury lawyer and the at-fault party’s insurer, but some cases require going to trial.

Types of Personal Injury Incidents

There are several instances in which individuals are commonly injured because another party was negligent, including workplace accidents, car crashes, and medical malpractice. Here are a few more examples of injurious incidents for which victims can seek compensation:

  • Dog bites. Dog owners can be held liable for bites and other sustained injuries their pet caused if the attacked individual was rightfully on the property and not antagonizing the animal. Negligence can usually be proven by the owner’s failure to restrain their dog despite the knowledge of its reactive or aggressive nature.
  • Wrongful death. These cases arise when monetary compensation is pursued by the victim’s family rather than the victim themself because the victim died as a result of their injuries. Their wrongful demise may be immediate, at the site of the incident, or after time spent receiving treatment. Wrongful deaths can potentially occur in many types of injury accidents.
  • Premises liabilities (slips and falls). Slip and fall injuries can happen when the owner or staff of a property fails to maintain the safety of the premises. This failure can be the improper warning of hazards or failure to address potential hazards the owner is aware of. This applies to office buildings, stores, private property, and more.
  • Defective products. Defective products cause harm to consumers through a flawed feature that renders the product’s intended use dangerous. The defect may be from the product’s initial design or from a singular batch of items, as well as improper/lacking warning on the product.

What Are the Benefits of Working With an Injury Lawyer?

One main appeal is that most injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they won’t charge you for their services unless they win the case and acquire a settlement award. This is beneficial because there are no expenses coming out of your own pocket; if you receive compensation, the lawyer’s fees come from a predetermined percentage of the settlement.

Another advantage of hiring a Placentia personal injury lawyer for your personal injury claim is they can handle all the technical and legal aspects of your case, such as communications with the defendant’s legal team, negotiating with insurers, protecting you from insurance adjusters, or being inadequately compensated. Additionally, they can inform medical providers of your case and billing situation, potentially even reducing your hospital and treatment costs.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will also already have the knowledge of what’s expected and needed in order to present a compelling case and win. They can investigate the details of your case, have access to strong evidence that you otherwise wouldn’t have, and use various legal approaches and argument strategies that apply to your situation.

Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

Q: How Do I Know When to Hire an Injury Attorney?

A: You know it’s time to hire an injury attorney because you’ve been in an accident. You may feel that your injury and damages aren’t serious enough to warrant consulting a personal injury attorney, but if your injury or other damages caused you to accrue medical bills, time away from work, physical pain, mental anguish, or other losses, you need a qualified injury lawyer. Speak with a legal professional soon after your accident to determine if you have a valid claim.

Q: What Is the Success Fee for Personal Injury?

A: A lawyer’s success fee for personal injury is generally handled in the contingency fee agreement. This contingency fee, or success fee, is only paid if the attorney is able to secure financial compensation for your injuries and damages. If they are unable to obtain a settlement, you aren’t required to pay for their services. The contingency fee upon winning the case comes from a predetermined percentage of your total settlement payment.

Q: What Percentage Do Injury Lawyers Take in California?

A: California personal injury law attorneys will discuss the exact percentage; depending on the estimated settlement, most lawyers will request about a third of the total settlement to cover their legal services. The exact percentage will be discussed and decided on before you agree to hire your attorney and they start working on your case. More complicated or difficult cases will generally lead to lawyers taking a larger percentage.

Q: Can I Sue for Emotional Distress in California?

A: Yes, you can pursue compensation for emotional distress in California during a personal injury case. Compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering are non-economic damages, meaning they are not easily determined because there are no laws explaining how to assign a monetary value to them. It’s left up to the court how much the injured party will receive in recompense for physical pain, emotional anguish, mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

If You Were Wrongfully Injured, an Attorney Can Help

If another person was responsible for an accident or circumstances leading to you sustaining bodily harm, you can take legal action. At the Corrales Law Group, our team of personal injury attorneys helps a wide range of clients seek compensation for a variety of situations. Speak with one of our lawyers today to find out if you have a strong claim.


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