Adjustment of Status Under Quilantan Case

Another Quilantan adjustment of status approved today! We’re so happy for our clients who were able to avoid the hardship waiver and consular process. If you are married to a U.S. citizen and are thinking about starting your hardship waiver/I-601a process and you came to the United States through an inspection point like the Tijuana border, even if you did NOT have a visa or actual permission to come to the United States, you should see a lawyer before you start your process because you may qualify for an adjustment of status HERE in the United States under Quilantan. That would mean no 10-year bar, no waiver, and no having to leave the country. A lawyer is crucial for this kind of adjustment, but it’s something worth looking into since it could save your family a lot of money, time, work, and stress.

We know that the consular process is one of the most stressful processes clients go through since they tend to worry that their loved ones won’t be able to come back, so we always try to qualify clients for adjustment of status in the United States when possible. We’ve found that a lot of our clients who were brought to the United States as children are eligible for a Quilantan adjustment and that they usually have no idea that they may qualify

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