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There are numerous instances where a person can be physically harmed and suffer other damages to their personal property. These injuries and losses can result in the harmed individual spending lots of time and money to recover what was damaged. If the accident that led to their injuries was not their fault, they can seek financial compensation from the liable party with the help of a Grand Terrace personal injury lawyer.

Experienced injury law attorneys at the Corrales Law Group are ready to work diligently on your case, ensuring all efforts are taken to obtain compensation for the wrongdoings you suffered.

Personal Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common circumstances that leads to an injured person filing a legal claim to recover the cost of damages is after an automobile collision. With car accidents happening every day, it’s no surprise that motorists, passengers, and pedestrians seek compensation for the bodily harm endured because of someone else’s carelessness. Rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft are also liable to compensate injured passengers.

Traffic accidents can result from a variety of different ways, including a driver driving recklessly due to speeding, ignoring traffic laws, and operating their vehicle while fatigued or distracted. Car collisions have the potential to cause severe, sometimes lifelong, bodily harm.

Motor vehicle accidents don’t only happen to passenger cars — bicycle accidents and truck accidents happen just as often. Additionally, motorcycle collisions can occur for several reasons, and the injuries, along with pedestrian accidents, can be even more serious and catastrophic than those from collisions only between automobiles.

Personal Injuries in Professional Settings

It is also not uncommon for injuries to occur in the workplace, especially within certain professions and industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining. These lines of work are inherently more prone to result in worker injuries.

Many workplace injuries are covered by insurance and provided workers’ compensation, while other accidents are not and thus call for filing a personal injury claim; some circumstances even allow for workers to reap benefits from both types of compensation filings.

Another setting where unfortunate incidents can occur is in healthcare facilities such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms. Medical malpractice is when a physician inadvertently causes further injury or illness to a patient while aiming to treat the afflictions for which they sought medical attention. Medical negligence can come in many forms; improper treatment can worsen pre-existing conditions that ultimately require more time and costs to correct.

Cases of medical malpractice can result in wrongful death; most types of personal injury scenarios have the potential to cause a fatality. Under these circumstances, the family of the deceased victim can seek compensation along with holding the liable party responsible for the death of their loved one.

Other Types of Personal Injury Cases

Numerous harmful situations can also yield catastrophic injuries that affect the victim’s future and quality of life, inflicting bodily and psychological damage lasting years or the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries include severe burns, amputated extremities, damage to the spinal cord or brain, loss of function in a body part, and partial or full paralysis.

Premises liability refers to injury claims of accidents that happened on another’s property. The property owner — whether the premises is a store, restaurant, office building, private property, etc. — is responsible for keeping all walking areas safe for guests. If you fall or trip because of uneven flooring or an unmarked spill, you can seek compensation for injuries incurred.

It’s also possible to pursue a settlement for mental and/or physical damage from types of interpersonal abuse. Family members of a victim of child sexual abuse or elder/nursing home abuse are able to seek recompense for the damages inflicted upon their loved one.


Q: How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge in California?

A: Personal injury attorneys in California will take a predetermined percentage of the compensation award, depending on the anticipated amount. Lawyers who practice injury law only require payment if they win the case for you; working this way, known as a contingency basis, poses no risks for the client and allows a natural incentive for attorneys because the larger the settlement they acquire for you, the more they receive as a result as well.

Q: How Much Can You Sue for a Personal Injury in California?

A: Injured parties can’t request a settlement for any amount they want; it must be reasonable. Evidence should establish that the compensation is for the bodily injury and other damages the client suffered from the accident. A qualified injury attorney can assess the details of your case and know how much you’re entitled to, in addition to presenting your case and explaining why the accused party is liable to provide you with compensation.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case in California?

A: How long it will take to settle and conclude your personal injury case is difficult to determine ahead of time. A lawyer can provide you with an accurate estimate because injury claims vary depending on how serious your injuries are, the strength of available evidence, the liable party and their insurer’s willingness to negotiate, etc.

Typically, an injury case may take between a few months and several months, with more complicated cases potentially taking a year or longer to fully settle.

Q: How Much Is the Average Accident Settlement in California?

A: It’s challenging to say how much the average settlement payout is because there are so many types of injury accidents. Additionally, each case is unique in how the harmed person was affected and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Compensation is likely to be more for individuals who suffered severe injuries, particularly those with long-term or permanent disfigurement and/or loss of bodily or cognitive function. Serious injuries require more time away from work to recover and more medical expenses.

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Experienced and hardworking personal injury attorneys at the Corrales Law Group are qualified to provide you with insightful legal advice and represent your case for you in court. Contact us for a free consultation.


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