Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Orange County, CA

With Orange County’s roadways being some of the most well-traveled in the world and motor vehicle accidents being a leading cause of death throughout the United States, Orange County sees a significant number of serious traffic accidents each year. Many such incidents call for the services of a skilled California car accident lawyer to help injured parties obtain compensation.

Neighboring Los Angeles County is one of the most dangerous counties for driving in the nation, with 742.8 fatal car crashes in a year on average, plus many more resulting in injuries.

The traffic flow issues and roadway risks plaguing the greater Los Angeles metro don’t stop at the county border. This means that drivers, pedestrians, and passengers throughout Orange County can unexpectedly find themselves in need of a qualified and reputable personal injury lawyer pursuant to car crashes and other traffic-related injuries.

The Dangers of Driving in Orange County: Most Treacherous Intersections

Recent reporting by area outlets like the Santa Monica Mirror and the Orange County Register has done an excellent job of breaking down the state’s available traffic accident data to pinpoint some of the most dangerous intersections in the area.

Santa Ana, CA Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • 17th Street & Fairview Avenue – The county seat at Santa Ana sees its fair share of Orange County car accidents. The consistently heavy traffic traversing the intersection of 17th and Fairview stands out as a perennial risk point due to a convergence of cyclists, motorists, commercial traffic, pedestrians, and public transportation routes.
    According to traffic data from officials, the most serious accidents at this intersection were due to unsafe activities, like motorists running red lights or pedestrians failing to adhere to crosswalk safety protocols.
  • Bristol Street & McFadden Avenue – One of the accidents at this intersection in recent years tragically involved a pedestrian fatality, and its proximity to local schools makes it of extra concern.

Newport Beach, CA Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • Bristol Street at Campus Drive – This busy intersection adjacent to the 73 Freeway has historically had a problem with crashes occurring after a motorist fails to yield properly when turning at a red light. Response from local authorities has mitigated the issue somewhat in recent years, allowing Bristol and Campus to slide down the list of most dangerous intersections and speaking to the effectiveness of public safety projects.

Irvine, CA Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • Jeffrey Road and Irvine Center Drive – An intersection that sometimes sees a “perfect storm” of hurried motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists, several of the injurious accidents taking place here in recent years have involved bicycles.

Mission Viejo, CA Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • Alicia Parkway & Jeronimo Road – Many crashes have taken place at this busy Alicia Parkway intersection since data collection began in 2010, including a recent nine-car incident that left multiple parties with injuries.
  • Alicia Parkway & Olympiad Road – Continuing down Alicia from the problematic intersection at Jeronimo will bring you to another that has seen its share of accidents over the last several years. The accidents reported at this site by the Orange County Register in 2014 showcased a range of underlying causes, from drunk driving to failure to follow traffic signals and even an accident for which an official cause could not be determined.

Fullerton, CA Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • Chapman Avenue & Harbor Boulevard – This Fullerton intersection has seen 78 crashes since 2010, with a sizable majority of them resulting in injuries.
  • Euclid Street & Orangethorpe Avenue – Traffic incidents at Euclid and Orangethorpe are all too commonplace, yet they seem to be uncommonly dangerous to those involved when you take a look at the numbers. The number of injured people (74) has outpaced the total number of crashes (72) at this intersection.

Garden Grove, CA Most Dangerous Intersections

  • Chapman Avenue & Gilbert Street – Chapman Avenue’s reputation for danger extends beyond Fullerton. The Gilbert Street intersection in Garden Grove is also historically a problem area, with a fatality and several serious injuries recorded in recent years.

Orange County Highways of Legend

In Orange County, it’s important to separate fact from fiction, even during your morning commute. For example, the well-traveled Santiago Canyon Road has even earned the nickname “Road of Death” locally due to its historical association with serious car accidents. Santiago Canyon intersects with other important Orange County corridors like Chapman Avenue, and safety is indeed a concern—but that’s true on every other road without a nickname, as well.

FAQs About Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections

What Is the Most Dangerous Road in Orange County, CA?

Colloquially, Orange County’s Santiago Canyon Road has earned the nickname “Road of Death” due to its longtime association with car accidents. Depending on what specific data you use to define “danger” and how far back you look, other main highways in Orange County may be comparably dangerous.

What City in California Has the Most Car Accidents?

No Orange County cities appear on the list of the most crash-prone California municipalities. The California cities with the highest collision rates are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento. The City of Los Angeles alone saw more than 25,000 total injuries and fatalities in the most recent reporting year. Meanwhile, the California Office of Traffic Safety reported that all of Orange County had under 13,000 combined in that same period.

Is California a No-Fault Car Accident State?

No, California is not a “no-fault” state when it comes to car crashes and automobile insurance claims. In California, accidents are investigated sufficiently so that legal responsibility for the car accident can be established. The party found to be responsible for the accident can then be held liable for personal injuries and other damages, whether through a routine insurance claim or in a court of law.

Who Pays for a Car Accident in California?

As described above, California law includes a mechanism to accurately determine who is legally at fault for an accident. Once this has been determined, the at-fault party (and/or their insurance carrier) can be held responsible for any legally actionable damages associated with the car accident.

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